About our specialised learning in Christchurch

Fundamentals facilitates an environment which embraces and captures the importance of being a child. Our Preschools & Nursery have a strong focus on fun and physical well being. We have opportunities for structured learning times while not forgetting that the most significant learning for children happens through play. We recognise the importance of living life to the full and encourage an environment for children that promotes living a well balanced life.

Our core values of Fun, Teamwork, Respect and ensuring that everyone has a Love of Learning are all part of our daily practices. The point of difference for Fundamentals Preschools & Nursery is the uniqueness of our on site gym rooms. Children enrolled at both Merivale and Marshlands Fundamentals have regular access to this extra space,  enabling them to partake in our Perceptual Motor Programme daily. Our team all have a strong knowledge and bring unique skills that are utilized within the development and implementation of our PMP programme, all to provide children with opportunities to grow holistically while building confidence, playing and being happy.