Enrolment Information

At Fundamentals we strive to provide high quality, affordable Early Childhood Education to families and Whanau. Our onsite Gym room and PMP programme is accessible to all children who enrol with us.  We are passionate about ensuring that your child has the opportunity to transition into their preschool environment with ease, therefore we offer the first two weeks of enrolment free to enable children and  parents to come and go as they please, ensuring that their child is settled prior to parents having to pay fees.

For further information regarding availability and subsidies,  please contact our Centre Leaders on marshlands@fundamentals.co.nz or merivale@fundamentals.co.nz

Rate charges for 0 – 3 years

Morning or Afternoon Session 7.30am - 12.30 pm OR 12.30pm - 6 pm $35
Short Day
7 hour booking between 8am-4pm
Full Day
Exceeding 7 hours between 7.30 am - 6pm
Short Day Week
5 x short days per week
Full week
Up to 52.5 hours per week

Rate charges for 20 ECE hours

A child can receive up to 20 hours​ free​ ECE hours per week, with a daily maximum of 6 hours.
Any additional hours over the attested ECE hours will be charged at $7.50 per hour.

30 hours per week$75
40 hours per week$150
50 hours per week$225


We also offer WINZ Childcare Subsidies which we encourage all families in Christchurch to apply for in regards to  preschool fees.