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Programme Planning – Preschool Merivale

Date 11/07 – 15/07/2016


Am – Fruit Kebab – Christine
What I hope they will learn – Goals for children
Healthy Heart, Benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, Why is it important in our diet?, What does it do to our bodies?

Description of Learning – What did the children show interest in
Children knew all the fruits that I introduced at group time today. These were all the fruits that I was going to use for the fruit kebab. They were really keen with what these fruits could do to their skin, eyes, hair and bones. They really got on board with the making of their own fruit kebab and chose what fruits they would like to eat.


PM – Playdough Dinosaurs – Sarah
What I hope they will learn – Goals for children
The children had a playdough experience with Bobbie last week for group time and this gave me an idea.  Dinosaurs are always a favourite with children and to use up the old blue playdough, the children can make their own dinosaur to take home!  

Lesson Planned – What do I know about this topic
I have 3D dinosaur moulds that I can bring for the children to use, including a few little playdough cutting tools.  I will also use some of the dough to create a grass, river, mud, forest and cave to go on a pretend dinosaur hunt, singing the song together as we use peg people (from home) to act out the story. The children will be able to push the playdough into the mould, close it and see what happens….  Will be a great surprise that the playdough they squish in transforms into a dinosaur they can hold carefully so that it can even stand on the table (then put on a tray with their names to be taken home at pick up time).



AM -What do we do with a tail like this? Angela
What I hope they will learn – Goals for children
My book is about different parts of animals where you have to match these up with the rest of the animal on the next page. There is the tail, nose, mouth and ears of animals to match up and fun facts about these animals as we go. I hope the children will take an interest in this book and then be creative with creating their own creation’s when given just the tail on a piece of paper.

Description of Learning – What did the children show interest in
Children really enjoyed the story book today, as I was able to ask and answer lots and lots of questions. They were able to tell me what animal they thought it was and were eager to find out what it actually was and what they use their parts for.


PM : Kim “Printing”
What I hope they will learn – Goals for children
We have a lot of cardboard boxes at the moment so I’d like to make us of these by turning them into objects the children can print with..we can make shapes like squares, cylinders and triangles with the cardboard, then dip them into paint to make our own prints.
I hope they’ll learn about recycling, and that we can change everyday ” rubbish” into art

Description of Learning – What did the children show interest in
As there were a few younger children here I didn’t spend a long time with the book, but the blocks did hold interest and several of the group were able to name the shapes .
They were eager to come to the table and see what we were going to do, and the attention was held while I cut the boxes in front of them and we talked about the shapes I was making.There was also discussion about the paint and to my delight fantastic sharing/turn taking/instruction following.
The printing was very successful with all the children taking part willingly.


AM – Create our own paintbrushes – Christine
What I hope they will learn – Goals for children
Painting has been a very popular activity at Preschool. We have been using paintbrushes that are readily available to children. However, I would like children to learn how to create their own paintbrushes using materials that we could find inside the classroom. This will encourage children to experiment and develop their fine motor skills. This will also promote self expression and a different way to be creative.

Description of Learning – What did the children show interest in
The children showed interest during the painting process. They explored what pictures they could make using the different natural materials on the table. It was interesting to see the shapes they’ve made out leaves and cotton balls. Some children also showed how they could mix different colors to make new one.



PM : Kim ” Making a town”
What I hope they will learn – Goals for children
I thought we could cover a table with white paper and draw roads, then use our imagination to find objects around the centre to add to our town… cars, trees , people , buildings etc ..then the children can play with it

Description of Learning – What did the children show interest in
The children needed a bit of guiding as to what would go in a town, but once I gave them examples of what they could find..eg we could have a zoo..can you find some animals…we could have some buildings..what could you use etc, then they were away. The interest was divided with some of the children wanting to find tangible items from around the preschool, to other children who wanted to draw their ideas on

Programme Planning – Nursery Merivale

Date 11/07 – 15/07/2016

What I hope they will learn – Goals for children
Mon – Amelia – The children will develop their sense of taste and explore another healthy option to eat.
Tue – Sam – The children will be able to explore the paint through painting on a different texture.
Wed – Sam – Extending on IH interest around tactile exploration, this activity allows her and the other children to explore a new texture and the objects throughout the shredded paper.
Thur – Amelia – The children will develop and new way to be creative and expressive through paint and stamping.
Fri – Amelia – With the leftover fruit from the week I will bring in my nutribullet and the children can help me make smoothies.

Description of Learning – What did the children show interest in
Mon – Amelia – All of the children showed an interest in trying the pancakes. We put jam and banana on top of them which was enjoyed. Because it was a packet mix there was not much that the children could be involved in. They had a turn at shaking the mixture up in the bottle.

Tue – Sam – The children all seemed to really enjoy painting on a different medium. It was great to see how EM decided to explore the tin foil, by crunching in between her hands, as well as painting on it. I think that the children liked how the tin foil would make noises as the used the paint brushes on them.

Wed – Sam – The children all really enjoyed exploring the shredded paper, some of the children also explored the the paper with their sense of taste, but found that it wasn’t very good to eat. AC enjoyed finding the trucks that were throughout the shredded paper.

Thur – Amelia – Today didn’t go as smoothly as things usually go and Sam was in the preschool so I didn’t feel I could set up and provide this experience without the support from another teacher. I will make sure I implement this planned experience in the morning when Sam is there to support me.

Fri – Amelia – The children showed an interest in the brightly coloured fruit platter i had prepared earlier. We talked about the different fruits that were on the plate and had a taste of the mango which was an unfamiliar taste to most but Elle loved it.
I also provided the stamp painting today and only a couple of children were interested to give it ago.


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Thank you from Marshlands Preschool!

FUNdamentals Preschool Marshlands would like to thank everyone who came down to our Gala Day on Saturday! It was great to see everyone there, and to meet some new lovely families

We would also like to thank Glen and his team from www.bouncingcastles.co.nz for the use of the bouncy castle and the pony cycles. The pony cycles were a big hit for the children, parents and the staff and a lot of fun!

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